Mukiebi (ムキエビ Mukiebi?)


Mukiebi would like you to think of him as a fish-type monster, or a stuffed-animal-type monster by way of being an inanimate-object-type monster, or really anything that avoids the painful truth, which is this:  Mukiebi is a five-foot shrimp.  Not a humanoid shrimp, but a peeled and possibly pre-cooked shrimp.  He has no limbs or facial features, interacts with most objects by banging his "face" into them and moves around by hopping on his tail.  Hellcat of the Animal Soldiers thinks of him as an ingredient-type monster, which is painfully accurate.


The defining feature of Mukiebi's personality is his wildly disproportionate self-opinion.  He is brash, loudmouthed, presumptuous and overbearing, and most of his monster co-workers only tolerate him out of pity or respect for his lengthy career.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Mukiebi can hear, speak and see despite having no visible means of doing so.  Despite his low rank in Florsheim, he has seniority over nearly everyone at the Kawasaki Branch, including Vamp, who often defers to him on these grounds.  If he were the size of a normal shrimp he would have about 30 calories and his high levels of Omega-3 oil and versatility would make him a nutritious and inexpensive way to class up a meal.  Many consider his smaller counterparts to be the "housewife's best friend" for these reasons.  It is not known if Mukiebi possesses these powers, because he is too large to stir-fry and is generally covered with grit and dirt, being perpetually moist and unable to clean himself off.  I mean, I wouldn't eat him, and I love shrimp.



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