Samiel (サミエル Samieru?)


Samiel is either a human-type monster or a normal human (perhaps an elite version of a Combat Goon) who serves as a personal assistant and factotum to General Hengel.  He wears a gray pillbox-shaped helmet with pink half-circle eye-lenses and two yellow vent-like strips leading from under each eye-lense to the helmet's jawline.  I say "Helmet" but it's equally likely that he's partially robotic and that it's his head.  He wears a loose gray one-piece uniform with orange shoulder-pads and four pink horizontal bars on the chest, possibly denoting rank.  He also wears black gauntlets, boots and a belt, but the belt doesn't appear to have anything attached to it, nor is it holding his pants up, so it's difficult to say whether it's actually a belt or just a strip of fabric attached to the suit.



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