Japanese Name サンレッド
Romaji Name Sanreddo
First Appearance Chapter 0, Episode 1 (first season)
Alias Astro Fighter (天体戦士 Tentai Senshi?)
Sun-chan the Kappa (河童のサンちゃん Kappa no San-chan?)
Occupations Hero

Astro Fighter Sunred (天体戦士サンレッド Tentai Senshi Sanreddo?) is a hero and the main character of the series.


Tentai Senshi Sunred is a Sentai-type superhero.  He is Japanese and approximately 27 years old.  He has an athletic build, similar to that of a stuntman or martial artist, and appears to be in excellent shape despite his unhealthy lifestyle - he drinks, smokes and gets very little exercise other than his frequent, one-sided battles with Florsheim Combat Goons and monsters .  The only indicator of his status as a sentai-type superhero is his helmet, which he wears at all times.  The helmet is red with a yellow sun logo on the forehead, and a green visor.  Sunred is somehow able to eat, drink and smoke without removing the helmet despite the absence of an opening for the mouth other than a small vertical slot running from the underside of the visor to the chin, which apparently contains a filter for toxins and poisons.  The sentai-style costume that accompanies the helmet, referred to as a "battlesuit", seems to be made of Spandex or, more likely, some super-durable science-fiction equivalent.  It covers Sunred's entire body and is mostly red, with a blue triangular patch on the chest featuring a yellow sun logo and white sections on the elbows and knees.  The costume also includes white gauntlets and boots and a white belt with a holster for the Sunshoot, Sunred's signature ray-gun-type weapon.  Sunred rarely wears the full costume and mostly fights the evil forces of Florsheim in casual civilian clothes appropriate to the weather.  When he was younger and first started fighting Florsheim as a member of the Weather Three, he dressed more like a juvenile delinquent or beach bum, wearing Board shorts and Camp shirts.  He also owns a blazer-and-jeans business-casual outfit for semi-formal occasions and a business suit for use on job interviews.


Sunred's career as a Sentai-type superhero has already peaked and is approaching, if not currently at, its low ebb, leaving him jaded and disenchanted.  While he may be weary of the business of thwarting attempts at global domination and defeating monsters, it's all he knows and he may feel that it's too late to change, if the possibility has even occurred to him.  That's a hard realization to face at 27, and Sunred is taking it about as well as could be expected.  Which is to say:  he smokes, he drinks, he's got a mouth on him like an ex-con, he may have a gambling problem and he almost definitely has an anger management problem.  He is somewhat envious of his colleagues' successes (whether real, imagined or fabricated) and generally quite bitter.  Fortunately he has an outlet for this simmering resentment in the form of the Kawasaki branch of the Florsheim organization, whose members he subjects to a range of physical, verbal and emotional abuse as comprehensive as it is unrelentingly brutal. Sunred can be generally described as impatient, short-tempered, insensitive, thankless, selfish, vengeful, rude and inconsiderate, but occasionally shows a rarely-demonstrated capacity for tenderness toward Kayoko or genuine enthusiasm to engage in a suitably challenging fight with Florsheim. 



Sunred does not remember anything about his parents beyond the fact that they are both dead.


Sunred was once a member of Kishō Sentai Wezā Surī, a group of Sentai -type superheroes with a suspicious resemblance to Sun Vulcan .  The group split up as a result of internal conflicts and differing artistic views as well as disputes over romantic relationships.  Sunred still keeps in touch with Weather Blue and Weather Yellow, who are working in civilian jobs as a host-club host and construction worker, respectively.

Sunred is also a member of a loose-knit cross-Japanese network of regional sentai-type heroes including the Hokkaido-based Kyōdai Senshi Abashirin, Aomori's forestry-themed Shinrin Sentai Gurīnrenjā', and individual heroes like Shachihokoidā Jī and Tottori Senshi Sakyūn. 

As a senior member of this group, Sunred is responsible for mentoring junior members like Tottori Senshi Sakyūn and Naitoman' (later Naitōru).  Unlike evil organizations like Florsheim, this loose confederation of superheroes recieves no funding from the Japanese government and does not extend any benefits to its members like health insurance.  To make ends meet, Sunred has had to sell his crimefighting motorcycle for a fraction of its worth and relies on a combination of financial support from his girlfriend and the occasional pachinko windfall to keep himself fed and living indoors.  Furthermore, sentai do not seem to command a particularly high level of respect from society, occupying a general level of fame somewhere below a washed-up 1980s pop star, and somewhat above a mid-level athlete in an obscure sport like jai alai or roller derby .

Strangely, one of the most stable and stabilizing relationships in Sunred's life is his rivalry with the Kawasaki branch of world domination group Florsheim and its nefarious (but extremely considerate and conscientious) leader, General Vamp.  Despite Sunred's constant physical and verbal abuse, Vamp strives to improve the Kawasaki branch to better challenge and eventually destroy Sunred.  Until then, Vamp and his underlings are constantly inconveniencing and being inconvenienced by Sunred, sometimes giving him and Kayoko gifts of homemade food or helping them move, sometimes cutting off the water to his apartment (their most effective plan to date), and regularly being beaten to within an inch of their lives and subjected to searing verbal criticism.


Kayoko Uchida is Sunred's live-in girlfriend, although that term might be misconstrued to mean that she lives with him, when the reality is that Sunred lives in Kayoko's apartment and is financially dependant on her.  It's difficult to say what exactly she sees in him, as he seems to reward her generosity and affection with terse and insensitive behaviour and a general sense of entitlement.  Strangely, the fact that their relationship has continued at all is due to Kayoko's friendship with General Vamp, who often helps put Sunred's behaviour in its proper context and is in turn given advice by Kayoko to help him be a better archnemesis to Sunred.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sunred is superhumanly strong and durable and is an extremely powerful fighter, able to deal out brutal and humiliating beatings to the most powerful Florsheim monsters with seemingly minimal effort.  In addition to a range of kicks, punches and Japanese-style pro wrestling or Puroresu -style holds, Sunred also has a range of extremely impressive flame-based special moves which have yet to be demonstrated outside of the show's opening sequence.  His helmet contains a filter that makes him immune to inhaled toxins,poisons and even allergens like pollen, although it is innefective against airborne flu and cold germs.  His helmet also gives him the Red Eye ability of super-telescopic vision and the Red Ear ability of enhanced long-distance hearing (which Sunred mostly uses to eavesdrop on conversations when he is bored). Although he is one of Japan's leading heroes of justice, his somewhat apathetic attitude to world affairs and tendency to emphasize dramatic victories over swift action make him ill-equipped to fight mundane crime.  Sunred has very few marketable skills outside his job as a sentai-type superhero, although he is "good with his hands" and adept at improvised mechanical repairs despite a lack of formal training.


As a child, Sunred had the nickname of "Sun-Chan the Kappa" because of his fondness for swimming.

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