Taiza (タイザ Taiza?) is a blue wolf monster and a member of the Florsheim Kawasaki Branch.


Taiza is a blue, humanoid wolf (or a furry humanoid with a wolflike head). He has yellow eyes lacking visible pupils or even cornea, and a super-ripped physique. Seriously, dude is SWOLE. In terms of ab definition alone, he's like a Masters Of The Universe figure.


Taiza is... well, he's special.  Maybe he's taken one too many finishing moves to the head, maybe he was always like that. Either way, his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, if you know what I mean.  You smelling what I'm cooking, pal?  I'm saying his slinky's got a kink in it.  Comprendo, friend-o?  His tackle box is full of bottlecaps and lint.  Are you picking up what I'm laying down, Slim?  What I am saying is that he is what scientists would refer to as a "Stupidosaurus Rex".  But let me ask you this:  does it matter?  He's a Florsheim monster, and Florsheim takes care of its own.  Vamp treats him like his own son.  The other monsters demand nothing of him except to just hang out and keep doin' his thing.  Even Sunred doesn't beat him up or mock him.  Taiza seems cheerfully oblivious to his surroundings and usually just says the name of what he's eating.  And he's constantly eating!  He's a ray of sunshine, if rays of sunshine left crumbs everywhere.  Hellwolf clearly considers him a role model, either because of his impressive physique or because he's made it this far despite being a gigantic blue wolf-man with the cognitive capacity of a gentle breeze, and if the grudging respect of a homicidal werewolf plushie isn't enough for you, then maybe you need to re-examine your whole value system.


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