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General Vamp (ヴァンプ将軍 Vanpu Shougun?) is the leader of Florsheim's Kawasaki Branch.


General Vamp is a man-type monster.  His exact age is unknown but he has the personality and posture of a human of late middle age or early senior years.  He has solid yellow eyes, facial features resembling a caricature of Clark Gable and always wears a light-orange crested helmet.  His facial expression never changes nor does his mouth move when he speaks because Vamp is a kaijin-type character on a low-budget sentai show and his entire head is made of a single piece of plastic of reasons.  He always wears a floor-length, long-sleeved purple robe.  When fighting he carries a spear and a large shield similar in shape to the ishlangu used by the warriors of the Zulu people.  The shield is decorated with the Florsheim logo, a stylized yellow F on a purple background.  The shield also contains three storage areas and is used by General Vamp as a tote bag or carry-on.


Vamp is a study in contrasts. The ruthless leader of a regional branch of a evil global organization, but also one of the most active members of that region's community association.  He has vowed to exterminate his hated nemesis Sunred, but is deeply hurt when he gets the impression that he has hurt Sunred's feelings.  He commands respect from his legion of terrifying monsters, but often gets roped into extracurricular duties by his inability to refuse a polite request.  While he may appear innefectual and weak compared to Sunred, don't underestimate him; the Kawasaki branch is one of the most fearsome groups of monsters in Japan, second only to the Death Bruins (up until they were all horribly killed one evening by two gigantic drunk hillbillies).  Vamp loves cooking along with any activity or handcraft that takes a lot of time and patience; whether making homemade pickles or New Year's greeting cards with handcrafted woodcut stamps, Vamp brings the same level of dedication and care as he does to his first love, which is the destruction of all heroes of justice and the total mastery of the wretched denizens of the Earth.


Abilities and PowersEdit

If Vamp could be said to have any superhuman powers, one of them would have to be his unrelenting thoughtfulness and patience.  He commands total respect from his minions, who live in terror of dissapointing him and facing the searing force of his mild passive-aggression.  His enthusiasm about developing the Kawasaki branch into a force capable of challenging and eventually destroying Sunred is contagious, driving the monsters under his command to absorb beating after beating from Sunred.  He is also a housewife-level cook and housekeeper with a vast arsenal of recipes designed to make use of leftovers and maximize the smallest grocery budget.  He's active in his neighborhood group, sensitive to the needs of his neighbours and even has a (very) short cooking show where he teaches inept bachelors to make halfway-decent meals.  Also, he can take a beating from Sunred and come back the next day, and if that doesn't impress you I don't know what else to say.


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